Judith Hanson - Judith Hanson HypnotherapyAs a coach I am obviously a firm believer in being coached and would recommend any small business owner investing in business coaching. This is the first time that I have participated in group coaching and, for me, the added benefit is listening to (and learning from) the coaching of others in the group. For me it’s a good way of learning about the things that “I don’t know that I don’t know”.

Judith Hanson, Judith Hanson Hypnotherapy

Mark Coster - PixoomaPaul’s Coaching Circle sessions are very helpful as you get the benefits of having a peer group discussion, but with the leadership and direction of an experienced business adviser. Pixooma is relatively new and I can’t be an expert in everything, so having a sounding board and adviser who is as invested in Pixooma as I am is very important. On top of all that he performs the vital role of keeping me accountable to the tasks I set myself.

Mark Coster, Pixooma

Judith Morris - Organised ChaosI like the format of the group. It feels intimate and supportive. Paul has made lots of suggestions for ways to take my business forward and this has all been in easy achievable steps. Nothing too overwhelming. I feel proud of what I’ve achieved since joining the group and would recommend it to anyone who thinks their business is ‘too small’ to benefit from coaching.

Judith Morris, Organised Chaos

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